We believe in taking good care —

— of self, of others, and of the planet. The ultimate in sustainable living comes from choosing to consume less, choosing our items thoughtfully and with love, and then caring for them to last. Everything we do at wovekind centers around this core belief, and we want to empower you to become an excellent steward to your heirloom.

Designed to be worn

Most of our rings are built to live life with you— they are designed to be worn. That said, they are still delicate items that need to be considered mindfully in order to ensure that they last. Plain metal bands that measure at least 3mm can tolerate a bit more adventure, but all smaller bands, stone-studded bands and solitaires should be taken off for some activities.



When to take it off

Rock climbing, yoga, heavy lifting, backpacking, cycling—anything that potentially puts excess pressure on the band.

Swimming, mineral tubbing, surfing — fingers often shrink in water and can lead to rings slipping off, and most chemicals, natural or otherwise, can corrode or distort metal.

Hands-on baking and cooking — no one wants dough or cooking oils under a diamond.

Applying lotions, perfumes, hair product, medication, mineral make-up and sunscreens — these can dull the sparkle of your diamond. Optionally you can choose to take your ring off for showering.

Taking it off means you will not need to clean it as often.

If ever in doubt, take it off. 



When you do need or want to take off your ring, give yourself peace of mind by devising a safe and reliable plan for how and where you will store your ring — and put it there every time.

Have a single place in your home where you store it, preferably away from your jewelry collection (for theft deterrence). Place it in a box, a dish, a pouch — and put it there every time. 

For travel, gym, or studio, have a special location like a travel jewelry bag, a box, or chain around your neck — and put it there every time.

If you are likely to take your ring off during dish or hand washing, have a specialty mandrel style dish nearby for keeping it out of the sink drain. Put it there, you guessed it, every single time. 



We recommend at least one cleaning per year. The primary reasons a ring begins to look dull is due to residue building up around and under stones, especially now that everyone is doing extra hand-washing (thank you!).

To clean at home: simply put your ring in a bowl of hot water, add some grease-cutting dish soap and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean under the setting and in nooks. Dry with a cotton rag and voila!

Please avoid chemical cleaners and home-based ultrasonic machines for rings with stones. We use the ultrasonic here are the studio, but immediately afterwards we inspect all the settings, prongs, and gems under a microscope to check for loose stones- something you cannot do at home.

Routine care

Like any luxury good, fine jewelry requires deliberate regular maintenance. Visit us annually for a cleaning and inspection. We will make sure that all the prongs are tight and all stones are secure. If needed, we will re-tip any worn prongs for a small fee.

Our signature matte and traditional polish finishes will both move toward a neutral demi-satin finish with time and wear. We lovingly call this your Life Patina, but we’re happy to restore your finish anytime.

If your ring is ever damaged, please remove your ring and come in for an inspection. We will look under our microscope, since some damage cannot be seen with the naked eye.


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