A perfect fit makes all the difference- when it comes to lovers, friends, professions, and your ring size. We actually consider comfortable-fit to be a part of our sustainability ethos because an ill-fitting ring often ends up not being worn- and an unworn ring is certainly a waste of resources. 

This guide is a one-stop resource for all size questions - whether you are just curious how to get your own size, trying to surprise someone with a ring and need help determining their size, or have questions on how a ring should feel, we have answers for you.



A note about mindset

We also want to encourage folks to relax a little bit when it comes to establishing your initial size- because getting the right fit is a bit of an artform and for most people happens in stages. We estimate that about 80% of our clients get their ring adjusted after we deliver it to them. Think of it like purchasing a custom garment: you might go to the tailor for your initial measurements, but the tailor will likely need to make further adjustments once you are wearing the completed dress or suit to make sure that everything actually looks and feels good on your body. We consider your final adjustment a part of the whole process. 

We recommend wearing your ring for a few days to see how if feels, noticing how your body fluctuates, and noting any discomfort of common issues. We will use this 'test-drive' information to help you discover the best fit adjustments. 

This article will help you will all concerns size related, and of course our team is here to support you with any questions you may have. 



How a ring should fit

Each person is going to have their own preference for how a ring should feel on the body. A few things to consider:

  • Rings fit variably throughout our day and life.
  • Fingers naturally fluctuate with our activities, diet, mood and weather; so expect that you will not have a 100% perfect fit 100% of the time. 
  • The aim is the majority of the time your ring feels comfortable-- not squeezing or falling off. There will always be outlier moments, what we want is comfort the majority of the time. 
  • Rings should be fit to the base of your finger, not your knuckle. For some finger shapes it may be tricky getting the ring on and off, but the focus should be on where the jewelry is actually worn.
  • Fit also depends on your finger shape. If you have a fleshy digit, you might need a tighter fit than someone who has wider knuckles. 
  • Fit depends on the ring style- shape, width, profile height, and stone layout (if any). Generally, rings that are thin or tapered can be worn smaller, and rings with a wider width or height might require a larger size.  


When to get sized

To ensure your fitting is correct, please consider choosing a time when you:
  • Have not exercised recently
  • Have no alcohol in your system (including from last night!)
  • Have not had an overly salty meal
  • Are not especially hot or cold for any reason

If you are using our Reusable Ring Sizing Tool at home, you can take advantage of trying it on multiple times at different times of day. You might notice that you get a different read each time, and this is great information to note and share with us. 


Reusable ring sizing tool

Using a sizing tool

1. Loop the end of the sizing tool into the buckle so it makes a circle and pull it through.

2. Estimate a size and cinch the tool to that number and try sliding it on and off your finger. 

3. Do not cinch the tool on your finger while wearing it- it is important to understand how the ring feels going over your knuckles; if you tighten it while on your finger you are likely to get an incorrect read.

4. Keep adjusting the tool up and down until you get to a comfortable size, you should feel resistance going over the knuckle but it should not pop the tool open to a larger size.

5. This tool measures full and half sizes; but we offer quarter sizes in addition so if you feel you are between two sizes, note that because we can make it at a quarter size.


How to keep it a secret

We have found that the majority of folks do part of the shopping process together (establishing a size being one important element to consider) but if you are interested in keeping your gift a total secret, here are some tips for getting an initial size:

1. Ask a close friend or family member (who can keep a secret!) because sometimes a family member or friend might know the ring size. Weird but true!

2. Find a ring in his/her/their collection and measure the interior diameter in millimeters. Note also the width of the band, and which finger it is worn on. If you can, take a photo of the ring you are measuring.

3. Send us a photo of his/her/their hand- honestly, we’re pretty good at guessing!

4. Visit this website that has a way to calibrate your screen and then some ways to establish ring size.

Common size issues

Problem: The gemstone on your ring keeps rolling side to side, rarely facing up. Seems like every time you look down, the ring is rolled to one side.

Fix: solitaires and rings with unevenly distributed weight tend to roll more. We recommend a slightly snugger fit for these styles.


Problem: Your ring fits great, until you add another to the set and suddenly they now both feel too tight. The wider the band, the more surface area is touching your finger and it will increase the feeling of tightness. 

Fix: Resize one of both rings .25 to .50 larger


Problem: It feels like your ring might slip off while washing your hands. 

Fix: Size it down- a little looseness is comfortable, too much can result in anxiety or a lost ring. It should not feel like it will fall off in the shower or while washing your hands.


Problem: it looks like the ring is causing an indentation to the flesh of your finger.

Fix: Size it up. While some finger shapes will always have a little indentation under the ring, it should not be severe. If it is a distinct groove under your ring, it is likely too tight.


Problem: your knuckle is much larger than the base of your digit

Fix: Focus on getting a comfortable fit at the base of your finger, even if it feels a little difficult going over your knuckle. You might need to struggle a little (a rocking motion usually works better than a twisting motion) but ultimately if the ring is too loose while it is on, it will cause annoyance and discomfort.


What about eternity bands?

Eternity bands are rings that have gemstones set around the entire circumference, and because of that cannot be resized. We do not recommend surprising someone with an eternity band— it is highly unlikely that the size will be correct. 

We do recommend having the person getting appropriately sized, and if you want an added level of precaution, we will be happy to send you a ring blank to try on and verify the size before we set it. 

We also offer all our bands in 1/2 and 3/4 set gemstone bands, so that you can resize it in the future. Any of our Gemstone Bands can be modified in this way, just ask!

If you do end up needing an eternity band resized, we charge a flat fee to rebuild the ring from scratch— at a fraction of the original cost. 


Resizing from a distance

Since Covid-times we have gotten creative on best ways to resize folks for their adjustment. One unexpected fun addition has been to have clients send us videos of trying on their ring- we love these videos! If you have a sizing question, simply shoot a short video on your phone and email it to us- we can give you solid recommendations and walk you through the process.

 If you would like to book a fitting, please click here >


Book a resizing appointment

Resizing appoints can be booked online; it usually takes 7 business days (platinum rings should expect a 2 week turn-around). While resizing we will also perform and inspection, deep cleaning and refinishing (if requested). 

If you are outside the Bay Area, you can request a specialty insured shipping label to be sent to you.

If you have additional questions about sizing or just want to talk to a real person, please reach out- we're here for you. hello@wovekind.come or text/call 707-890-2431.