Love. Milestones. Threshold crossings. Marriage. Birth. Motherhood. Menopause. Grief. Divorce. Visions. Reclamations. New beginnings.


Kate Ellen, goldsmith and founder, offers experienced and sensitive counsel to design both an adventure of self-discovery as well as a piece of jewelry with a story worth retelling — whether you are celebrating one of life's big joys, or a hardship that has transformed you like diamond in the rough.

Work with Kate in private counsel sessions or through her ever-expanding e-courses and online workshops.


Whether you're getting married, becoming a parent, navigating a divorce, experiencing a loss, or any major life transition, creating ceremony & ritual can create connection, community, and a sense of belonging.

Kate Ellen specializes in guiding individuals through the process of crafting personalized ceremonies and rituals. These aren't just symbolic gestures; they're tangible expressions of your story, experiences that become memories you can rely on for strength & connection.


Kate Ellen creates jewelry for all of life's rich occasions. She weaves the unseen of your personal story with the most illuminating materials on earth.

You can collaborate with her on a project direct from her core collection of Ceremonial Jewelry or propose an Heirloom Redesign using materials from your personal collection.

The real work of the artist is a way of being in the world. — Rick Rubin

Meet your counsel

Kate Ellen — founder of wovekind

With over 15 years of goldsmithing, design & guiding experience, she serves as your trusted counsel through the labyrinth of choices, turning this moment into a joyful story rather than just another transaction. Kate will counsel you through everything you need to elevate your experience into an artform.

She will support you as you conceive your project, walk you through design and responsibly sourcing materials, and ultimately to ritual and ceremony.

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Holistic Ring Design for Couples

— Initiating the Conscious Wedding Journey

Rings are the bookends of the wedding journey  —  the ring symbolizes the intention to marry, and are exchanged in ceremony to mark that the marriage is complete. The rings hold the arc of the story, beginning to end, and live on as a reminder of these original intentions deep into the marriage.

The course 6 week course is interactive and immersive - part self-guided, part live workshop with Kate Ellen. You will join your beloved on a journey to choose a ring with love and meaning, all while deepening your connection and building a foundation for navigating the complex life transition of becoming a married couple, bookending your experience with your unique intentions.

In this course you will learn how to choose a ring that reflects your values and the unique beauty of your relationship, serving as as a guide for the rest of your wedding journey.

This course brings consciousness to the entire process  — from proposal to ceremony  — ensuring that you start your marriage fully aligned and joyously connected, not just going through unexamined traditions or expectations.