Heirloom Redesign

Partner with wovekind to reimagine your jewelry anew

Reclaim. Remember. Reimagine. Reinvent. Redesign.

Reclaim your collection

Many of us have jewelry sitting in a box somewhere, tucked away. It's outdated, outgrown, or you've moved on. What to do with it now?

We specialize in transforming that dated piece of family jewelry, the wedding/engagement set that never felt or no longer feels 'you', or the ring that marks a relationship that has transitioned.

Warm counsel

You have sentimental and valuable materials, but you're unsure of how to begin again.

You will work directly with Kate Ellen, founder/goldsmith, who is expert in connecting all the logistical and aesthetic dots, but more powerfully is versed in supporting you with the emotional energy that comes with working with objects that hold a lot of meaning, history and significance.

Making clear decisions about your personal expression in material form is powerful & transformational. You may be remaking something dear to you, or one charged with energy that no longer serves you, either way you may discover yourself anew in the process. Clients report feeling more confident, witnessed, and happy with their decision to transform the old into something of beauty.

Set your intention

Redesigns are complex and ripe with opportunities to deepen and transform meaning. Consider a redesign if you are:

  • Honoring new love with old materials
  • Working with grief, loss, and memory
  • Transforming 'negative' energy into something light and renewed
  • Alchemizing a relationship change divorce, death, estrangement
  • Honoring your personal growth and evolution
  • Welcoming a new chapter in your life
  • Welcoming new life to the family
  • Reclamations, rites of passages, and threshold crossings

Begin again

"Transforming heirlooms is one of the most potent forms of medicine I offer in my jewelry work.

It is often a surprisingly moving experience for people, resulting in new feelings of empowerment, having your voice heard, of being seen, of getting connected to what really matters to you. It is something I have gifted to myself in my own life for personal transformation, and it is my most favorite thing to do for others."

— Kate Ellen, goldsmith & founder

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A simple alternative

You can simply have your gemstone set in one of our three most popular pendant styles. It's as simple as choosing your favorite design. This option is especially great for folks who are looking to completely transform the energetic thumbprint of their original design and enliven it as something to wear in a totally new way.

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