verb: to be woven back into, with kindness.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ― Mary Oliver


At the heart of our ethos lies a profound belief in the undeniable interconnectedness of all life. This intrinsic connection serves as our guiding light, shaping every choice, interaction, and design we undertake. We see ourselves as conduits for creativity, responsibility, and reciprocity and we aim to create both experiences and jewelry that is generative for all beings.

Business not as usual

From top to bottom, we are reinventing what it means to be in business. We adore this handy outline of some key feminist principles from Jennifer Armbrust of Sister, based on the work of bell hooks and Sister Coretta Kent among others.

This framework has served us over and over by reminding us of how to stay true to ourselves as we navigate late-stage capitalism with a different set of values based on community, wholeness, abundance, and reciprocity. Plus, it's so fun to buck the transactional nature of most shopping experiences and morph it into lasting relationships and connection.

Responsible by design

Fairmined Gold Licensed

All our gold comes from Fairmined sources, the assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who meet world leading standards for responsible practices.

Reuse of Materials

When possible, we prefer to reuse materials rather than mine or lab-create, that's why we love antique diamonds and run a Heirloom Redesign program for clients who want to remake their own materials anew.

Transcending Trend

We encourage our clients to see their jewelry as generational pieces packed intention and meaning, slowing down the rate of consumption by focusing on connection rather than collecting.

Give Back

1% of our annual profit is donated back to community organizations, especially those led by and serving women, queer, & BIPOC people.

Mindsets for connection

We encourage our clients to feel their jewelry as an experience, rather than just materials objects.

  • All emotions are natural & welcome
  • Most couples are happier shopping for a ring together, but this is your time to define your own traditions and rituals, so do what's right for you
  • Your shared values are your North Star, you cannot go wrong by listening to your heart
  • Take your time - there is no pressure
  • Work within your budget
  • You are a creative being engaging in a creative act!
  • Ritual and ceremony are your tools to learn and have
  • You deserve sacred moments, and we can teach you how to create them
  • Embrace your own complexity and contradictions
  • Delight in your own beauty

Heart & values led

Sustainable Packaging

We prioritize sustainability by using high-quality, reusable, and logo-free packaging, ensuring all materials are recyclable, and avoiding wasteful extras. We support local, small, woman, queer, and BIPOC-owned businesses, boycott Amazon and Uline, and avoid products made with private prison labor.

Body Nuetral

All our designs are available in the full range of sizes, with no hidden costs. Select from size 3 thru 16 on rings and chain and bracelet lengths uniquely suited for your body. We also encourage you to explore talking about your body with kindness are care when trying on jewelry.

Queer Friendly

We are a safe space, proudly supporting LGBTQ+ rights. We have done away with outdated terms and heteronormative frameworks for celebrating marriage, working with you and your beloved to craft the exact experience you want to have in our inclusive and welcoming environment.

Centering Mothers & Children

Structures that serve and nourish women and children are cornerstone to a healthy society; we advocate for reproductive rights, early childhood education, livable wages, abolishment of the school to prison pipeline, and support movements such as Black Lives Matter, Ceasefire in Palestine, rematriation of indigenous land, & climate action.

Design with us

  • If you want this moment to be truly memorable, not just a transaction
  • If you want your ring to reflect not only your love, but also your commitment to ethical and sustainable practice that go beyond compliance and actively seek to improve industry standards
  • If you want to feel confident you are choosing a reputable jeweler with a history of exceptional service
  • If you are drawn to owning a piece of wearable art, knowing it was made just for you
  • If you value clear communication and a collaborative experience where you input is valued
  • If you value craftsmanship, artistry, and are open to doing things a little unconventionally

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