Weave your story into jewels Kate Ellen counsels folks through life's transitions with personalized ceremony and adornment.

Explore what most couples miss

In the quest for the "perfect" ring, most couples overlook one of the richest opportunities to strengthen their bond, the chance to co-imagine the symbol that will represent them as a couple.

Endless options and technical jargon disconnect from the sacredness and ceremony of the moment. Couples are left wondering why it doesn't feel as special as they want it to feel. And it's no wonder, our culture is structured to make us focus on all the wrong things.

The Holistic Design Method is the antidote, a transformative space to explore this rich territory of creativity and storytelling. It provides a grounding force for what truly matters to you, and helps you enliven this already special moment in your life with even more love, connection, and discovery.

The end result is a ring that matches the emotional salience of this moment — a symbol of love that will light up your heart the same way your beloved does.

If you begin with a question and use it to guide an adventure of discovery, that’s the work of the artist.― Rick Rubin

Alchemize your life story

Embark on a unique journey guided by Kate Ellen to define the vision for your significant life milestone jewelry. Whether celebrating a new addition to the family or navigating through challenging times like divorce or loss, Kate will counsel you craft a meaningful piece that honors the past and embraces the future using her propriety Holistic Design Method.

Receive personalized guidance and support as you explore your intentions, emotions, and aspirations — and how to transmute that into material form to be worn and cherished. Kate will assist you in creating a ceremony or ritual tailored to your needs, ensuring that your journey is as profound as the jewelry itself.

Design from the heart

Skip the technical jargon

Focus on what really matters and remember yourself as a creative being

Heart led contemplations

Be held and witnessed as you reflect upon your values and dreams

Ceremony & ritual

Craft the moments that will become sacred memories

Professional jeweler feedback

Process your research, questions, and design with an expert goldsmith

Holistic Design with Kate Ellen

Work with Kate as your counsel on a journey of self-discovery and connection. With her warm and curious approach, she connects you to your own inner wisdom with clarity, so that you can make decisions with confidence.

Work directly with Kate in private 1:1 counsel sessions or through her self-guided e-courses, as she invites you into the sacred realms of jewelry design that most people never experience.

With her counsel, you create space to have the heartfelt conversations and contemplations that are bedrock to the artistry of both adornment and ceremony.

Honoring this transformative moment with guided counsel means that your jewelry will forever be alive with your chosen intention, weaving your story into jewels.


Counsel sessions are for anyone whether you are:

  • thinking of working with the wovekind studio to craft your jewelry
  • have an heirloom you'd like to redesign
  • have a milestone in life you want help processing through adornment and/or ceremony
  • would like help crafting a ritual, event or ceremony
  • already have adornment but want to reinvigorate it with new meaning, such as a vow renewal, a ring from a relationship that has ended, or something inherited with mixed energy
  • working with another jeweler but want guidance on creating the sacred container to make the experience profound and meaningful

Kate Ellen will meet you where you're at, and create a tailored session and experience for you. She uses her Holistic Design Method to help guide you through both the practical and emotional landscape of turning your life story into ritual & ceremony.

Individual Counsel is for people working on their own, appropriate for folks who are designing jewelry for themselves - OR - for folks who are gifting jewelry to someone special. Also great for people who are looking for support and guidance on creating ritual and ceremony.

Couples Counsel is for folks who are designing a ring or rings together, or designing a ceremony for adornment that is already in your life.

Both types of counsel can be scheduled as single sessions, or as a package that takes you through the entire Holistic Design Method framework.

Currently, all sessions are held on Zoom. In the future, we are imagining an in-person space to do counsel sessions.

Sessions run 60 minutes each and include a Zoom recording and a short email with notes following each session. When you purchase the Single Session or Holistic Design Package, you will be sent an email with a link to book your session(s).

The Holistic Design Package should take a minimum of 4 weeks to do (one session per week), though most people will take longer because in-between sessions there are assignments to complete. Having the patience to contemplate and let things unfold will go a long way too!

In your confirmation email there is a link to book your preferred time for your session. You can book it before you start the coursework, during or after. Kate Ellen will collaborate with you to address all your questions, hold your realizations, and provide space for deeper contemplation.

Only if your project aligns! Kate Ellen will guide you through the process and help you consider all the talented jewelers who might make your dream ring, each specializing in their own artistry. If you really want to work with Kate Ellen, that's awesome (but not required). She has her core collection of Ceremonial Jewelry and Heirloom Redesign.

The Holistic Design Method is an intimate journey, our first priority is making sure that you feel secure to explore. If you are unsatisfied or it's a simple misalignment for any reason, you can request a refund.

For Single Sessions, you will be refunded in full for your used session. For Holistic Design Packages, you will be refunded in full and your subsequent sessions will be cancelled.

Kate Ellen was the founder of Crown Nine Jewelry, and ran her flagship boutique in Oakland and Sebastopol for over 12 years before reinventing it into the wovekind brand.

She is an expert goldsmith specializing in wax carving, fabrication, CAD design, diamond and gemstone sourcing, and works with a network of trusted jewelry professionals.

The holds a BA in Collaborative Health & Human Services and has personally studied permaculture, herbalism, music, somatic awareness, ETF, energy work, meditation, ritual, hypnosis, journeying, plant medicine, conflict negotiation, conscious entrepreneurship, and magic.

She is an animist, mother, and community builder.

Sessions are an intimate and confidential space to explore aspects of yourself and your relationship, however they are not therapy. You will be responsible for your own mental health and seeking support if needed.

Book a Single Session to start. You can use is as a one-off, or apply to the Mentor Package which is a 4 month commitment. Kate Ellen has worked with other jewelers, retails owners, sound engineers, brewers, cafe owners, photographers, film-makers, massage therapists, healers and artists.