Creating Ceremony for Reproductive Loss Creating Ceremony for Reproductive Loss Creating Ceremony for Reproductive Loss Creating Ceremony for Reproductive Loss

Creating Ceremony for Reproductive Loss


Unlock the power of ritual and adornment to honor reproductive loss in all its forms. This expert-led e-course offers a compassionate approach to creating personalized ceremonies for healing and being witnessed as a changed person.

Whether you are grieving a miscarriage, reflecting on an abortion, facing infertility, remembering a child given up for adoption, recovering from stillbirth or child-death, or experiencing another form of loss/reproductive change, this course honors your unique story and feelings, providing a space where they are valued, not prescribed.

Transform feelings of isolation into moments of connection and healing by learning to create ceremonies that provide a sense of control and peace, helping you navigate the complex emotions unique to your story. You might feel disconnected from your body or haunted by ‘what ifs,’ but here, you can discover new ways to express yourself and find comfort.

Join our course and community, and take part in monthly private group calls with a grief counselor and Kate Ellen (who has experienced reproductive loss herself), creating a safe space to talk about these topics. Share your story within a supportive community. For those seeking more personalized support, 1:1 sessions are available to help you create a unique ritual or ceremony that resonates with your journey.

Whether you are grieving or celebrating, adornment can be a powerful act of self-love. To participate in the course, you don’t need to purchase any jewelry, but we offer the Locket as a talisman to honor your story if you choose. Adorning yourself with meaningful jewelry can serve as a powerful reminder, a way to reclaim your narrative and celebrating your resilience.

This course is designed to provide you with the tools and support to navigate your healing journey, recognizing and honoring your reproductive loss with the cultural and spiritual acknowledgment it deserves. 

This course is being developed. Please sign up to let us know you're interested in this course and we will let you know when the course is available to purchase.

The more you celebration your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. — Oprah Winfrey

Goldsmith & counsel

Ceremony Crafting with Kate Ellen

Jewelry is an ancient adornment tool deeply rooted in the feminine, and it naturally integrates with ceremony—a connection that we see in wedding rituals across the world. But what if we harnessed this unique combination of adornment and ceremony for other sacred life moments?

A women will cross many important rites and thresholds in her lifetime, yet the only one that is honored with this type of sacred beautification is for her wedding.

Prior to her career in jewelry, she was a sexual health educator, teacher, and case manager, and Kate Ellen now brings her expertise to her e-courses, marrying the concept of ceremony & ritual with women's wellness. She facilitates transformative experiences, helping women harness the healing power of ceremony to navigate all of life's significant moments with grace and meaning.

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