Creating Ceremony for Uncoupling Creating Ceremony for Uncoupling

Creating Ceremony for Uncoupling


Navigating a breakup or divorce is one of the most challenging transitions in life, but it also holds the potential for profound transformation and new beginnings. Our course is designed to support you through this significant change with compassion, community, and learning new skills to honor your transformation through ritual and ceremony.

Think about it: we enter marriage with elaborate ceremonies and community, yet we often leave relationships without any formal acknowledgment. This course helps you create a ceremony that honors the end of your relationship and celebrates the start of your next chapter (even if you're still waiting for your divorce to be finalized). You will learn to identify the type of ceremony that resonates with you, decide who should be present, and choose symbolic elements that represent what you want to leave behind and what you wish to embrace moving forward.

Designed to offer a safe and nurturing space to process your emotions and thoughts, this course acknowledges the myriad feelings that come with uncoupling. You may feel lost, scared, or overwhelmed, but you are not alone. Together, we will explore the possibilities that lie ahead, helping you to see this transition as an opportunity for rediscovery and growth.

“In a nutshell, a breakup is nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a complete spiritual awakening. One that catapults you to a whole new level of authenticity, compassion, wisdom, depth, and—dare I say it?—even joy.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Uncoupling.

Through this course, you will also get to explore options for repurposing, reinventing, or parting with your wedding jewelry in ways that reflect your personal journey - directly from a jeweler who has done it herself and helped many of her clients do the same. Whether you decide to transform your jewelry into something new, pass it on, or sell it, you'll find guidance and support in making these decisions.

Join our community to find the support you need during one of the hardest yet most liberating moments of your life. Create a ceremony that honors your journey, celebrates your resilience, and sets the stage for a fulfilling and authentic future.

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The more you celebration your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. — Oprah Winfrey

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Ceremony Crafting with Kate Ellen

Jewelry is an ancient adornment tool deeply rooted in the feminine, and it naturally integrates with ceremony—a connection that we see in wedding rituals across the world. But what if we harnessed this unique combination of adornment and ceremony for other sacred life moments?

A women will cross many important rites and thresholds in her lifetime, yet the only one that is honored with this type of sacred beautification is for her wedding.

Prior to her career in jewelry, she was a sexual health educator, teacher, and case manager, and Kate Ellen now brings her expertise to her e-courses, marrying the concept of ceremony & ritual with women's wellness. She facilitates transformative experiences, helping women harness the healing power of ceremony to navigate all of life's significant moments with grace and meaning.

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