Creating Ceremony for Peri & Menopause Creating Ceremony for Peri & Menopause

Creating Ceremony for Peri & Menopause


Celebrate perimenopause and menopause with our e-course, elevating this transition to one of the most important rites of passage in a woman's life, akin to other milestones that get cultural honoring. Since we are left bereft of a space in our culture to acknowledge and prepare women making this massive transition, we have decided to make one. This course blends ceremony, ritual, and science-based strategies for holistic wellness, offering support and celebration for this significant life stage.

Our course creates a supportive space where you can honor your journey with thoughtful adornment and rituals, recognizing the spiritual importance of this milestone. Learn evidence-based strategies for managing symptoms, accessing care with practitioners who will listen to you, and embracing the changes in your body and identity.

We address the often unspoken challenges of menopause, providing a community where nothing is taboo. Celebrate your body’s natural changes as badges of honor and wisdom. Rediscover your vibrancy and energy, and explore new passions that have been waiting for your attention. This course helps you navigate your new role, whether as a matriarch, artist, or activist, with grace and confidence.

Join us to elevate your journey through menopause with science-backed support, meaningful ceremonies, and a community of like-minded women who understand your experience. Celebrate this transformative stage of life with the recognition it deserves, adorned with cultural and spiritual acknowledgment.

This course is being developed. Please sign up to let us know you're interested in this course and we will let you know when the course is available to purchase.

The more you celebration your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. — Oprah Winfrey

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Ceremony Crafting with Kate Ellen

Jewelry is an ancient adornment tool deeply rooted in the feminine, and it naturally integrates with ceremony—a connection that we see in wedding rituals across the world. But what if we harnessed this unique combination of adornment and ceremony for other sacred life moments?

A women will cross many important rites and thresholds in her lifetime, yet the only one that is honored with this type of sacred beautification is for her wedding.

Prior to her career in jewelry, she was a sexual health educator, teacher, and case manager, and Kate Ellen now brings her expertise to her e-courses, marrying the concept of ceremony & ritual with women's wellness. She facilitates transformative experiences, helping women harness the healing power of ceremony to navigate all of life's significant moments with grace and meaning.

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