Creating Ceremony & Ritual for Womb Wellness Creating Ceremony & Ritual for Womb Wellness

Creating Ceremony & Ritual for Womb Wellness


Discover the transformative power of relating to your womb through our self guided e-course designed for people who menstruate. Together we'll covers the basics and nuances of cycle tracking hormonal changes, integrating movement, spirituality, and relating with nature to help you connect with yourself according to the natural ebbs and flows of your energy.

Primarily, this course is for people who feel a sense of disconnection from their bodies and nature, and want to reignite a relationship to self that is nurturing and kind. Through practical, science-backed tools alongside spirit and earth-centered practices, you will learn to use various tracking methods including jewelry, digital trackers, journals, and wearables - and how tracking can improve sleep, health, digestion, energy levels, relationships, creativity, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

We will pull upon multiple health and spiritual traditions and modalities to learn to live more seasonally, both in our monthly rhythms and the larger season cycles around us within the year. 

We will also touch on how tracking can help diagnose chronic conditions like PCOS, PMDD, endometriosis and others that can go undetected via western medicine. 

Enrolling in the course will also give you access to our Monthly integration calls where we get together in a safe, private space to discuss tracking questions, experiences, and curiosities. 

Join a community of like-minded individuals eager to embrace their natural rhythms and improve their overall health. Together, we will transform your relationship with your period, unlocking the magic in your day-to-day life and helping you feel more balanced and fulfilled.

This course is being developed. Please sign up to let us know you're interested in this course and we will let you know when the course is available to purchase.

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Ceremony Crafting with Kate Ellen

Jewelry is an ancient adornment tool deeply rooted in the feminine, and it naturally integrates with ceremony—a connection that we see in wedding rituals across the world. But what if we harnessed this unique combination of adornment and ceremony for other sacred life moments?

A women will cross many important rites and thresholds in her lifetime, yet the only one that is honored with this type of sacred beautification is for her wedding.

Prior to her career in jewelry, she was a sexual health educator, teacher, and case manager, and Kate Ellen now brings her expertise to her e-courses, marrying the concept of ceremony & ritual with women's wellness. She facilitates transformative experiences, helping women harness the healing power of ceremony to navigate all of life's significant moments with grace and meaning.

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