The Business Birthing Handbook The Business Birthing Handbook

The Business Birthing Handbook


Transmuting the tensions between feminism and Capitalism, Proposals for the Feminine Economy gives us a roadmap forward by insisting that business can be a site of feminist practice if we embody our values, create new economies, and experiment with redistributions of power & resources.

The book lays out seven Proposals. This first among these is Business as Art—that through that through iteration, experimentation, and innovation it is possible that we will find a way out of the dysfunction of Capitalism and into something new. 100 Ways to Make More Money offers a new vision of wealth and value by offering provocations under the auspices of how to prosper financially. Proposals for the Feminine Economy lays bare the high-value placed on masculine traits in Capitalism and presents a new vision for a feminine economic paradigm. And finally, the 12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business provides a framework for bringing the ideals of the Feminine Economy into our business practices.

5” x 8”. Soft cover book.
101 pages. Full-color offset print in California.

I also learned that my delight grows—much like love and joy—when I share it. ― Ross Gay

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