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Counsel: Single session

Rings are much like the bookends of the wedding journey getting an engagement ring marks the beginning of the adventure, and placing the rings on your hands concludes that the marriage is completed. They are powerful symbols that then live with you as ongoing reminders of your love and commitment. They hold so much meaning and significance for us, so why does shopping for one not feel very magical?

Kate Ellen has helped hundreds of clients navigate this journey leading with their hearts, creating the space for their values, meaning, and love to come through and be held.

In counsel sessions, you will walk though the Holistic Design Method to get to those deeper more intimate layers; you and your beloved will go on a transformational journey of self-discovery, creativity and connection. The investment you make at this stage may alter your entire wedding journey as you get crystal clear on your intentions and shared values, making way to collaborate on a dream ceremony that is a true reflection of who you are as a couple. 

Open to couples who are designing a ring with the wovekind studio, and for folks who would like counsel on creating ceremony for an heirloom or ring purchased elsewhere.

Purchase a single session to get counsel on wherever you're at in your process, Kate Ellen will dive in with you to provide you a sounding board for your personal reflections and discoveries as you embark on wovekind Ceremonial Jewelry or Heirloom Redesign project, helping to se the tone for your entire wedding journey.

She can counsel you with:

  • setting intentions
  • creating and refining your symbolic language
  • activities for connection
  • provide you with expert jeweler advice, the nitty gritty straight to the source questions you want answers to
  • referrals from her trusted network of jewelry artists
  • a neutral second opinion on your design as you move through the design process with another jeweler.

Also designed to be a resource for folks taking our companion E-Course — a way to get feedback and counsel in realtime as you go through the course or to integrate your learning at the end. Single Sessions are amazing for taking your E-Course learning to the next level and get the personalized care to your project that will help you move forward with confidence.

This package is for folks who would rather do the Holistic Design Method in a private 1:1 setting with direct guidance from Kate Ellen, rather than take the self-guided E-Course.

The immersive experience begins with a thorough vision intake session and takes you on a journey through all the key components of the Holistic Design Method. It is a fun and fulfilling path full of activities, meditations, and conversations to deepen your self-awareness and your bond as you go.

The 4 session bundle of our Holistic Design Method Package takes you through the entire proprietary process from pre-conception through ceremony & integration.

Package sessions include:

  • Pre-conception: dreaming the dream together learn how to identify your voice and desires
  • Building connection, symbolism & meaning remembering with ourselves as creative beings
  • Design imagining, technical research and selecting a jeweler
  • Creating ceremony & rituals of meaning

Bonuses include:

  • Onboarding questionnaire and interview to get to know your project
  • Access to Kate Ellen's trusted network of jeweler referrals
  • 2 text-audio messages to keep your contemplations alive and offer feedback between sessions

The end result is developing your unique language of symbolism, a design concept, and a match made with a jeweler from Kate's trusted network – ensuring that your design is brought to life by an artisan who shares your passion and dedication to craftsmanship.

The Holistic Design Package takes a minimum of 4 weeks (one session per week) but we encourage people to block off additional time so that you can contemplate, do the activities, and integrate as you go.

After selecting your desired sessions, you will move to a checkout page. After order confirmation, you will receive an email with a link to book your session(s).

We're crafting more than a ring — we're creating connection & meaning.

Tell your story

Skip the technical jargon

Focus on what really matters and remember yourself as a creative being

Pre-marital contemplations

Be held and witnessed as you reflect upon your shared values and dreams

Ceremony & ritual

Craft the moments that will become sacred memories

Professional jeweler feedback

Process your research, questions, and design with an expert goldsmith

Goldsmith & counsel

Holistic Design with Kate Ellen

Jewelry is often one of the largest purchases you will make in a lifetime, and getting it right can feel overwhelming when there are so many options at your fingertips. Work with Kate to go on a journey of self-discovery and connection, ensuring that you select the right jeweler for you, the right design, and learn to create ceremony for your significant life moments.

Her warm approach opens up doors to your own inner-wisdom, allowing you to create, design, and make decisions with confidence and clarity.


Currently, all sessions are held on Zoom. In the future, we are imagining an in-person space to do counsel sessions.

Sessions run 60 minutes each and include a Zoom recording and a short email with notes following each session. When you purchase the Single Session or Holistic Design Package, you will be sent an email with a link to book your session(s).

The Holistic Design Package should take a minimum of 4 weeks to do (one session per week), though most people will take longer because in-between sessions there are assignments to complete. Having the patience to contemplate and let things unfold will go a long way too!

You can book a Single Session if you are enrolled in our companion E-course — Holistic Ring Design. The session is designed to support you in whatever phase of the course you're at, Kate Ellen will jump in where you need her. Use your single session to get feedback, share, process, get ideas, or simply to integrate the experience. You can use the session the get help on your design questions, selecting a jeweler, or any other questions that came up for you. You are also welcome to sign up for multiple Single Sessions if you would like more help. This option is reserved for folks in the Companion E-Course ONLY.

Only if your project aligns! Kate Ellen will guide you through the process and help you consider all the talented jewelers who might make your dream ring, each specializing in their own artistry. If you really want to work with Kate Ellen, that's awesome (but not required). She has her core collection of Ceremonial Jewelry and Heirloom Redesign for you to explore.

The Holistic Design Method is an intimate journey, our first priority is making sure that you feel secure to explore. If you are unsatisfied or it's a simple misalignment for any reason after your first session, you can request a refund.

For Single Sessions, you will be refunded in full for your used session. For Holistic Design Packages, you will be refunded in full and your subsequent sessions will be cancelled.

Kate Ellen was the founder of Crown Nine Jewelry, and ran her flagship boutique in Oakland and Sebastopol for over 12 years before reinventing it into the wovekind brand. She is an expert goldsmith specializing in ancient techniques as well as modern tools for jewelry design including wax carving, mitsuro hikime, fabrication, CAD design, diamond and gemstone sourcing from the world's most responsible suppliers, and works with a network of trusted jewelry professionals for crafting exceptional heirloom quality design.

The holds a BA in Collaborative Health & Human Services and has personally studied permaculture, herbalism, music, somatic awareness, ETF, energy work, meditation, ritual & ceremony, hypnosis, journeying, plant medicine, conflict negotiation, conscious entrepreneurship, and magic.

She is an animist, mother, and community builder.

Sessions are an intimate and confidential space to explore aspects of yourself and your relationship, however they are not therapy. You will be responsible for your own mental health and seeking support if needed.

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