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Counsel for Individuals

Counsel: Single session

Embark on a unique journey to define the vision for celebrating your significant life milestone. Whether celebrating a new addition to the family or navigating through challenging times like divorce or loss, Kate will counsel you crafting or imbuing a pre-existing design with a heartfelt meaning using her propriety Holistic Design Method.

Receive personalized guidance and support as you explore your intentions, emotions, and aspirations and how to transmute that into material form to be worn and cherished. Kate will assist you in creating a ceremony or ritual tailored to your needs, ensuring that your journey is as profound as the jewelry itself.

Purchase a single session to get counsel on wherever you're at in your process, Kate Ellen will dive in with you to provide you a sounding board for your personal reflections and discoveries as you embark on wovekind Ceremonial Jewelry or Heirloom Redesign project

She can counsel you with:

  • setting intentions for what your design will represent
  • creating and refining your symbolic language
  • storytelling, holding a container for what you've been through
  • activating your voice and desires
  • provide you with expert jeweler advice, the nitty gritty straight to the source questions you want answers to
  • heart-led mediations and contemplations

This package is for folks who would rather do the entirety of the Holistic Design Method in a private 1:1 setting with direct guidance from Kate Ellen.

The immersive experience begins with a thorough vision intake session and takes you on a journey through all the key components of the Holistic Design Method. It is a fun and fulfilling path full of activities, meditations, and conversations to deepen your self-awareness as you go.

The 4 session bundle of our Holistic Design Method Package takes you through the entire proprietary process from pre-conception through ceremony & integration.

Package sessions include:

  • Pre-conception: dreaming the dream — learn how to identify your voice and desires
  • Building connection, symbolism & meaning — remembering with ourselves as creative beings
  • Design imagining, technical research and selecting a jeweler
  • Creating ceremony & rituals of meaning

Bonuses include:

  • Onboarding questionnaire and interview to get to know your project
  • Access to Kate Ellen's trusted network of jeweler referrals
  • 2 text-audio messages to keep your contemplations alive and offer feedback between sessions

The end result is a transformative journey of self-discovery, a plan to create the adornment piece that will represent your story, and a ceremony or ritual that will help you integrate the two.

The Holistic Design Package takes a minimum of 4 weeks (one session per week) but we encourage people to block off additional time so that you can contemplate, do the activities, and integrate as you go.

After selecting your desired sessions, you will move to a checkout page. After order confirmation, you will receive an email with a link to book your session(s).

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Dream your medicine

Skip the technical jargon

Focus on what really matters and remember yourself as a creative being

Personalized contemplations

Be held and witnessed as you reflect upon your values and dreams

Ceremony & ritual

Craft the moments that will become sacred memories

Professional Jeweler Feedback

Process your research, questions, and design with an expert goldsmith

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