Pendulum Pendant - Heirloom Redesign Pendulum Pendant - Heirloom Redesign Pendulum Pendant - Heirloom Redesign

Pendulum Pendant - Heirloom Redesign


Our signature pendant for those small diamonds that seem to be lingering in your jewelry box. Often there is a nagging sense that something should be done with it, but what?

Our Heirloom Redesign program helps you take the decision-making out of the equation so you can focus on honoring or transforming the memory that your stones hold. It can be a surprisingly empowering experience to reclaim what you already own and give it new life and meaning. 

Your heirloom pendant redesign package includes:

  • 20 minutes direct consultation, in person or by phone to see the core collection of Ceremonial Jewelry and discuss design ideas, your lifestyle, and process orientation
  • Advice on obtaining the proper paperwork (insurance & appraisal) to protect your materials while they are undergoing redesign
  • Gemstone extraction from original setting
  • Lifetime warranty on mounting and melee under 2mm (center stones must be protected by way of your own insurance)
  • Lifetime complimentary cleanings, refinishing, and inspections

Optional Counsel
Book heart-led counsel to get clear on the original design's energetic thumbprint and how you would like to reconceive it. This can be especially helpful when adapting jewelry from someone else, transitioning it from one era of your life to a new one, renewing vows as evolved people, or have any energy you want to clear out. You can add this service, directly held with Kate Ellen.

For Heirloom Redesign projects, we ask folks to plan for a 2-4 month process start to finish, usually used to do counsel and gather insurance and appraisal paperwork.

Once an order is approved, and paid in full, expect 4-8 weeks for production time to lovingly craft your new heirloom in our local studio.

Lifetime Warranty We guarantee our rings to be free of manufacturing defects upon delivery. We cover the cost of all repairs on your mounting for the first year, including free replacement of small stones (under 2mm). Thereafter, repair costs are passed through to you at a discounted rate.

Center stones (diamond/sapphire/other) are not included in this warranty and would need to be covered by way of your own insurance, we recommend looking into Jeweler's Mutual or inquiring with your home or renter's insurance coverage. 

Warranty is valid for normal advisable wear which includes adherence to annual service appointments. If the ring is noticeably damaged by way of being bent or showing improper care we will repair the ring at cost.

Annual Care Membership All our clients are asked to participate in care of their jewelry. Regular maintenance does wonders to prevent serious repair work and heartbreaks.

We offer two service plans which include a deep cleaning, inspection of prongs and stones, refinishing, and retipping (when appropriate). Choose between:

In-Person Membership

Remote Membership (for folks who cannot make it to our Sebastopol showroom).

Annual Care appointments are required for your Lifetime Warranty to stay active and valid. If 16 months lapses between care appointments, your Lifetime Warranty becomes void.

Our mission is to create unforgettable heirlooms that you will love lifelong. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your item, please contact us so we can guide you through your options.

Fairmined Gold

Sustainably re-sourced

Transform energy

Lifetime warranty

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